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is a Singer/Songwriter from Regina

Screw U

Shayla Souliere

About the Shayla Souliere


Shayla Souliere is a Canadian girl, who was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Growing up, Shayla spent many hours a week training as a competitive gymnast. It wasn't until after graduating from high school that she made a decision to explore her love of music.

It all started back in 2012 when Shayla tried out and was accepted into a singing contest called "Edmonton Undiscovered" which was held in Edmonton, Alberta. Shayla made the eight-hour trip to Edmonton from Regina every couple weeks for rehearsals and to compete. After making it past the next round of cuts, she broke her ribs and was unable to continue in the competition. While at the time, it was a big disappointment, it was through this process that Shayla realized that she wanted to pursue music as her life long career.

Through Shayla's experience in the Edmonton singing contest, in 2013 she connected with Alex Cantrall, a Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Alex has taken Shayla under his wing and has been mentoring her ever since. From that day forward Shayla co-wrote and recorded several singles. Since releasing her first single "Helium He2" in 2014, she has Wrote and recorded and released several covers and a second single.

In July 2015 Shayla met director, Nayip Ramos. Shayla had watched several videos produced by Nayip, and was so happy that he was able to shoot her "Screw U" music video. The video to "Screw U" was released on Shayla Souliere's YouTube channel in December and then on her VEVO channel in January 2016. The release of "Screw U" landed Shayla radio play and interviews on many stations, including her hometown radio station Z99 in Regina. She also had major exposure on a new app called She has developed many fans and had major artists, with fan bases as big as 1.54 million doing's to her song "Screw U".

Shayla has made a few trips to Los Angeles in 2016. In January she wrote and recorded another single, which has not yet been released. In May she collaborated on a cover with YouTubers Kirsten Collins and David Michael Frank from Future Sunsets. In June the cover of "Wherever I Go" by One Republic was released and hit 50k views in one week on YouTube. In August, Shayla made another quick trip to Los Angeles for a couple of projects that will be coming out soon. With many huge plans and a ton of hard work Shayla has many exciting things coming that she cannot wait to share with everyone. Please stay tuned!


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